Data Engineer – Neoito Technologies

1 - 3 Years3 - 5 Years

Job Summary

  • 2-3 plus years of experience of as Data Engineer.
  • Job Type – Full Time


  • Build, maintain, and own the ETL for a streamlined and logical data pipeline for personalization artificial intelligence app using machine learning, deep learning, statistical analysis, and savvy data selection.
  • Work with product and data science teams in building and evolving the foundation, platform, and structure that enable data products to create differential progress.
  • Collaborate with teams in the development and implementation of policies for prevention of instances of a breach, also known as disaster recovery plans
  • Prioritize structured and unstructured data,  ETL scrubbing, analysis, and for use in delivering actionable insights and scaling the company.
  • Evaluate new data sources, approaches and technology and makes recommendations for solutions and conduct quarterly evaluations of the .data science team’s efficiency and makes changes as necessary.
  • Participate in strategic planning, data acquisition, API integrations, and product line planning with the executive team.
  • Aid in the creation, automation, production, and tuning of advanced analytical models that ingest data and provide actionable insights and outputs.
  • Work with compliance team members to create, implement, and maintain data governance policies consistent with all compliance requirements, GDPR, and CCPA.

Hard Skills:

  • 3+ years of data-related experience at the management level and in the trenches.
  • Analytical modeling across more than one industry.
  • ETL and automation expertise.
  • Extensive experience with data sourcing and selection.
  • Extensive experience managing data ingestion, data engineers, and data Wrangling.
  • NLP, NLU.
  • Graph/Neo4j database experience a plus.
  • Data visualization and interpretation. (, Dash, D3, etc.).

Soft Skills:

  • Ability and willingness to create Ability to perceive intent and motivations, which will be helpful in negotiation and modeling.
  • A futurist mindset, the ability to recognize that in others.
  • Savvy data acumen and willingness to ask questions or admit you need help.
  • Systems level thinking and the ability to comprehend and retain complex concepts.

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