DevOps Engineer – Palnar Transmedia

5 - 8 YearsDevOps

We are looking for experienced DevOps Engineer.

Experience: 5 yrs

Preferred skills

DevOps skills:

  • Understands and has put into practice the Twelve-Factor app principles 
  • Understands and practices infrastructure-as-code 

Cloud platform: 

  • Good understanding of objects and workflow of the platform of one big cloud player (Azure preferable, AWS ok as well) 
  • Hybrid cloud environments are understood, experience in that area can be shown 


  • Mastery of bash scripting 
  • Mastery of services and processes within a linux platform 
  • Understands the OS primitives like processes, threads, sockets, tcp/udp stack, etc.

Docker / Containers:

  • Be able to expertly write down Dockerfiles (multi-staged build, custom entrypoints, commands), docker compose configurations 
  • Excellent understanding of best practices linked to private registries 
  • Very good understanding the lifecycle of a container 


  • Excellent understanding of Kubernetes objects (pods, services, ingresses) and their lifecycle (ability to change and update deployments on the fly) 
  • Excellent mastery of scaling strategies on a cluster 

Networking and security: 

  • SSO solutions are understood and have been put into practice 
  • Understanding of proxies reverse proxies (nginx ingress, traefik is a plus) 
  • Good mastery of firewall, port release problematics 
  • Very good understanding of TLS/HTTPS, certificates 
  • Good understanding of DNS and routing 

Database skills:

  • Basic understanding of SQL
  • General understanding of RDBMS like Oracle, MariaDB
  • General understanding of NoSQL


  • General programming/scripting knowledge
  • Any script language in addition to bash is a plus (Python, Go, JS)
  • General understanding of JVM (Memory Management, JMX, etc)


  • General understanding of continues integration and continuous deployment e.g. via GitHub/Bitbucket
  • General understanding of maven

App/Web Container: 

  • Able to install and setup a web container like Tomcat, Jetty etc.
  • Able to deploy web apps (WAR) and do the needed configurations (SSL, Connection Pooling, JNDI, Routing, Thread Pool, context.xml etc.)
  • Understands the lifecycle of servlets etc.


  • General understanding of APM
  • Mastery of Frameworks like Grafana, Prometheus, Elasticsearch, etc

Immediate joiners preferred.

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