Junior .Net Developer – Saasvaap

.Net1 - 3 Years

An ideal candidate would have  Good Communication skill, excel at problem solving, experience in Windows Application Development using .Net (C#, CLR, WinForms/WPF/Silverlight, ADO.Net/ODBC) and Visual Studio, a thorough understanding of OOP and Windows OS Fundamentals.

Preferred skills :

  • Excellent Programming Skills using C# or VB.Net
  • Good knowledge of .Net CLR (Assemblies, GC, Threading, Exception Handling etc)
  • Good Understanding of Multi-Threading and Parallel Programming
  • Good understanding of Microsoft Data Access Technologies (ADO.Net/ODBC)
  • Good understanding of Windows Operating System Internals (Process, Threads, Memory Management)
  • Proficiency in UI Technologies (WPF/WinForms/SilverLight)
  • Solid understanding and usage of Visual Studio and MSBUILD
  • Solid understanding in Serial port Communication.
  • Solid understanding of OOP and OOD
  • Excellent application debugging skills using Visual Studio Debugger.

Required:  1 to 6 months of experience.

Education Qualification BE/BTech -computer Science

Immediate Join Preferred

Send resume to : careers@saasvaap.com

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