Senior Azure Data Engineer – PIT Solutions

5 - 8 Years8 -10 Years

Experience : 6 to 8 years

Minimum Qualification : Any

Job Description
  • Senior Data Engineer with 6 to 8 years experience in one or more of the cloud data analytics stack in Azure/AWS/GCP.
  • Design and operate scalable solutions for processing, analyzing, and handling large quantities of data which will cater to delivering insights and predictions.
  • Extensive experience with a number of different data storage solutions, SQL and NoSQL databases, data warehouses, data lakes, delta tables, etc. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each system and where they should be best employed.
  • Experience with one or more big data tools like Apache Spark, Kafka, Databricks, or Synapse Analytics.
  • Experience in Azure Data Lake, Azure Delta Lake, Azure Data Factory, Azure Functions, Azure Synapse, Azure SQL, Azure Stream Analytics, or Azure Analysis Services.
  • Implementing strategies for data storage and security regarding data in transit with the current legislation around personal data protection and GDPR in mind.
  • Experience in implementing CI/CD solutions using DevOps.
  • Knowledge in Elasticsearch and Postgres is preferred but optional.

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