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5 - 8 YearsjQuery, JavaScript, AngularJSWeb Designer

Senior Front End Developer – 5+ Years

  • Senior front end developer, with solid experience in developing web applications.
  • Prior experience in working with European clients.
  • Skills: Please refer the skills section
  • Salary : The best in the industry.
  • Joing time :ASAP

Preferred skills / Level / Remarks

Angular version 2-6 / Highest

  • The structure of an angular program including: Components, Pipes, Modules , … ,
  • There needs to be at least 2 Angular2 Projects in his/her Project history with around 2 years of Experience. Best would be since Angular 2 started.(Sep.14 2016)
  • Has Knowledge of RXJS . Can write RXJS 5 Code

Plain JavaScript / Highest

  • Knows most of the native new ES6 JavaScript Functions and can use them.

Debugging Angular /Highest

  • Needs to know ZONE.JS and what it is
  • Needs to know JavaScript Map Files
  • Can read Stack traces easily

HTML / High

  • Can write good HTML Code , that means don’t clutter the Markup with senseless stuff and give everything a good meaning

CSS , LESS , SASS / Highest

  • Can write CSS,LESS,SASS in the manor that there is NO CODE needed to achieve a certain functionality. ( Split Code and Design )

Interfaces to Backend : Rest, Web socket / High

  • Needs to know REST as a principle and the different Rest-Levels (0-5)
  •     Knows how Websocket works

Communication – English /High

  • Good in English communication. Important is that failure is seen as a good thing and are proactivelycommunicated.

Work Processes /High

  • Needs a structured approach to doing things, like PLAN, WORK,TEST. Kanban and Scrum Modes.

Coding / Normal

  • Can write OOP code but also Functional Programing Style, and know what to use best.

Tools / Lower

  • GIT, Attlassian Products, IDEA or Visual Studio Code

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