Unreal Engine Technical Artist – TILTLABS


Experience: 0-4Yrs Job Location: Technopark, Trivandrum

Reach us: shyma@tiltlabs.io/kavya@tiltlabs.io

We are looking for a UE technical artist to help create visually stunning real-time content. The UE Tech artist will work closely with the performance capture team to create high-quality animated characters, fully developed environments, and an optimized real-time rendering setup.

Minimum Requirements:

• Solid understanding of lighting, particle systems, post-processes, material setup, and general workflows inside UE4.

• At least 2 years of experience in the industry working with blueprints/ Unreal Engine.

• Strong plug-in writing skills or understanding of C++ in a UE4 environment is a plus.

• Knowledge of Maya with a core understanding of the inner workings of the tool.

• Understanding of animation pipelines, including character and environment setups.

• Excellent communication skills.

• Solid organization skills with adherence to file structures, naming conventions, and other established protocols.

• Excellent ability to self-manage and meet deadlines.

• Portfolio/website demonstrating the technical artistic ability that includes Unreal-based work.

• Knowledge of virtual production integration for film and television a plus

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Utilize Unreal’s blueprints and sequencer tools to implement characters, stage elements, and scripted events in different environments.

• Apply a broad range of skills with Autodesk products to ensure assets translate properly into Unreal.

• Problem solves and determines out-of-the-box solutions for complex technical requirements.

• Leverage performance captures technologies such as Motion Capture, Facial Capture, and camera compositing

• Optimize UE scenes for the latest and greatest GPU, CPU, and cloud rendering technologies.

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